Since 1981 our staff has been designing and creating high quality state-of-the-art products for both professional and end-consumer field. Over the years, thanks to a team of well trained and motivated young artists, we have turned a small project into one of the most ambitious business plan to promote the made-in-Italy brand all over the world. Anticipating the demands of a continuously evolving market, Made In Italy has focused on the creation of artistic and handicraft products in order to meet the requirements for made-in-Italy articles representing Italian style, quality and design, well-known and appreciated in the international context. Nowadays, we are proud of Made in Italy’s staff with rich history of innovation, long-term strategies, art awards and great success.


Our mission is to be a company built to spread the best of made-in-Italy products, to shape and enhance a select market, creating and developing the most favorable conditions for this field's growth. We want to be true and sincere, with incessant efforts to cultivate our team's expertise, professionalism, and creativity. Our aim is to expand the beauty of Italian style.


Ambition, Creativity, Style, Quality, Design, Elegance, Excellence.


Made In Italy is a unique and innovative company in able to support Italian artists and handicraftsmen, encouraging them to develop their genius and creativity, stimulating them to devote to their passion even when external circumstances seem to be adverse, because give up on their dreams and creations is not only a failure for themselves, but also a great loss for all of us, since we can not enjoy it. Our products are a perfect synthesis of high quality, innovative design and unique style. Our range of products includes: - Various objects; - Gifts; - Clothing and accessories; - Various kinds of furniture for home, shops, offices, community facilities, etc .; - More generally, everything that represents a complement to the person or the home, free time and recreation, leisure, hobbies. The Made in Italy quality is guaranteed by the certificates that accompany our products.


Made In Italy’s aim is to continue leading the market, anticipating its demands and needs, projecting ourselves towards the future of new technologies through a considerable effort paid to research and development. Thanks to a close cooperation with many Italian artists and handicraftmen, we are always updated on future technologies, new techniques and materials. All this is applied to our products with the aim of devising creations and solutions for a continually and rapidly evolving market such as ours.